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Superior class of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Our Vision

Sialon Ceramics AB are specialist producers of PREMIUM high quality long-life (Si3Al3N3O5) Silicon Nitride technical ceramics, we are also leaders in the field of ultrasonic degassing and grain refinement using propriety ultrasonic technology. We strive;

  • To provide high quality consumables to the molten non-ferrous industry.
  • To provide goods predominantly from stock with a maximum of 4 weeks lead-time.
  • To provide an outstandingly high level of service.
  • To further develop a new Green technology involving ultrasonic degassing, grain refinement and micro-alloying; we recently created a new aluminium alloy with steel properties.
  • To further develop the use of Green technology in our battery project; an ultra-capacitor energy storage device for EV and photovoltaic solar cells.

Our Mission

With 35 years of global experience gained from operating within the aluminium industry, our aim is to continue to work with customers throughout the world, extending our reach by continuing to improve and add to our high quality product offering.

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