Ultrasonic Degassing Molten Aluminum

20% increase in production speed, no centerline segregation!

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New ultrasonic generator technology for homogenizing, ultrasonically assisted Metal treatment, Continuous Casting, Mixing, Forming and ultrasonic degassing, Direct Chill casting (DC casting) without any center line segregation, conventional degassing and grain refiners! More on our YouTube channel


Ultrasonically assisted micro alloying also opens new ways to the development of the next generation automotive alloys. 


We have developed a new technology for ultrasonic degassing molten aluminum  that applies high power ultrasonic energy to large, heavy irregular mass or un-tuned mechanical systems such as extruder, syalon sialon silicon nitride drawing die, mold tools, metal melt mixer, continuous casting, homogenizing, degassing, alloying, very fine and homogeneous micro crystallization, sintering, etc .


Such ultrasonic driving creates uniform and homogeneous distribution for ultrasonic degassing molten aluminum of acoustical activity on the surface and inside of the vibrating system, while avoiding the creation of stationary and standing waves, so that the whole vibrating system is fully agitated. 

Results ultrasonic degassing molten aluminum

  • Improved metal homogenization, grain refinement and mixing of new alloys. 
  • Excellent ultrasonic degassing results (defragments and wetted inclusions) 
  • Excellent results after vibrating 'in sump' of a vertical Wagstaff DC caster. 
  • Excellent results on a Bruno Presezzi continuous casting line.
  • Improved micro crystallization and alloy characteristics in casting. 
  • Friction reduction between a tool (e.g. casting, drawing, extruding, molding).
  • Improved surface finish.

Innovative Aspects:

  • World's only technology suitable for large volume treatment.
  • Development of a new ultrasonic electronics and a system feedback concept that allows real-time adaptation to continuously evolving acoustic conditions.
  • Capability to ultrasonically drive any arbitrary shape or large mechanical system at high energy if needed.
  • Ultrasonic driving of system harmonics and sub harmonics gives a wide band multi-frequency effect that improves stimulation of the system.
  • Elimination of ultrasonic standing waves gives uniform treatment of material.