Thermo-Tip® Thermocouples

NewNon-Ferrous Foundry & Electrolysis Thermocouples for fast, accurate, low cost, long-life, intermittent temperature sensing below 2300°F (1255°C)

For use in molten brass, copper, aluminum, lead and other non-ferrous metals. Our Thermo-Tip is used in launders, crucibles and aluminium electrolysis. The 446 SS sheath (0.500″ OD) protects a 16 gage ANSI Type K and S thermocouple. Insulated at the hot end with double bore ceramic insulators and fiberglass sleeving at the cold end. Interchangeable with other makes. The armored Thermo-Tip construction and secial limits Class I wires assures accurate readings with 25% more pours than competitive Thermocouples.

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