Gastight Stainless Steel Adapter for Sialon Thermocouple Tubes

We can supply a full range of cost effective stainless steel (SS316) adapters which are gastight or airtight for use in Sialon riser tubes, Sialon heater tubes and Silicon nitride thermocouple protection tubes. Please inquire by filling out the contactpage or visit our webshop.

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1. Small in size and easy to move.
2. Light in weight: approximately 27Kg.
3. Easy to use, changing process of tested samples can be observed directly.
4. Fast and convenient detecting, gas status results within 5 minutes and good repeatability.
5. Cart installation ready, more mobility.
6. Low-cost usage and maintenance.

The HTA-CU adopts decompression solidification test methods. During testing, samples solidify in vacuum, hydrogen dissolved in the copper melt will be continuously released and forms bubbles inside or on surface of the tested samples.

By detecting concave-convex level of the surface or gas hole ratio of the cross section, gas volume in copper melt can be determined. Test results decide whether samples are casting ready. Also hydrogen volume can be determined by examining the existence of cauliflower patterns on the metal surface.

  1. Direct observation on the tested metal surface for concave-convex status after cooling.
  2. Concave indicates low gas volume contained and convex indicates otherwise.
  3. Cut tested metal after cooling and observe the cross section for the volume of gas holes.
  4. Less holes indicate low gas volume and more holes indicates otherwise.

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