Sialon cutting tools

New class sialon cutting tools at competitive prices and quality warranty.

The superior performance of our ceramics is derived from high quality raw materials, unique chemical composition and manufacturing technology and now used for the production of sialon cutting tools

With regards to Sialon ceramics, there is substitution of silicon by aluminum with corresponding atomic replacement of nitrogen by oxygen, to satisfy valency requirements.

The resulting ‘solution’ has superior properties to the original pure solvent, syalon, silicon nitride or Si3N4.

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Superior performance of AC-50 is derived from a unique combination of hardness, toughness and strength not found in standard syalon or silicon nitride-based tools.

AC-50 is ideal for turning and milling of all classes of cast iron.We offer a comprehensive range of sialon cutting tools. The company’s newest product AC-50 is the latest in silicon nitride based cutting tools ideal for all classes of cast iron.

New class of Sialon cutting tools

Silicon nitride and SiAlONs are the materials possessing unique combination of fracture
toughness, hardness and strength and have potentials to be used in many industries.

A strive to further increase the reliability of these ceramics lead to the use of many sintering aids and densification methods involving pressure and pressureless sintering.

The problem associated with fabrication of these ceramics has been how to impart high fracture toughness and, at the same time, retain high hardness and strength.
New class of sialon silicon nitride ceramic
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