Hydrogen content Analyzer

Our new hydrogen detection analyser device has been built to rapidly and accurately analyse the Hydrogen content in molten Aluminium and has a number of unique features, some of which are patented.

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Hydrogen content AnalyzerAnalyser for measuring hydrogen content in molten aluminum as alternative to ALSCAN

The hydrogen detection analyser in molten Aluminium detects the hydrogen content in aluminium foundries and casting industries, as high residual hydrogen can result in significant porosity after casting, leading to rejections or the risk of mechanical failure.

Our new hydrogen detection analyser is the solution for your foundry to effectively and rapidly measure the hydrogen content in aluminium melts. It is the best option also during ultrasonic degassing and ultrasonic grain refinement of molten aluminum.

Why is the Hydrogen detection analyser important in an aluminium foundry or cast house?
Hydrogen forms whenever molten aluminium comes into contact with water vapour, and easily dissolves into the melt. The gas tends to come out of the solution and forms bubbles when the melt solidifies.
The detrimental effects arising from the presence of an excess of dissolved hydrogen in aluminium are numerous.

Hydrogen causes porosity in aluminium products leading to many casting defects, reduced mechanical properties like fatigue and lower corrosion resistance. Several methods are used to reduce the amount of dissolved hydrogen from the melt, such as furnace fluxing prior to the casting process or using in-line degassing equipment during the casting process.

Hydrogen Testing Analyser for molten aluminium
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