XICAR® High Temperature Thermocouple Protection Tubes

XICAR® high temperature silicon nitride based thermocouple protection Tubes sheaths for use in the non-ferrous industry up to 1850° Celsius in a controlled atosphere.

For both Smelters and Foundries!

  • Maximum temperature of 1650°C   in air and up to 1850 °C in a controlled atmosphere!
  • XICAR® thermocouple protection tubes are for both, direct as well as indirect temperature sensing in molten metal (e.g. furnace wall or roof) temperature reading with Type R or S elements in molten brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel or silicon metal.
  • For temperature measurements in non-ferrous launders or pouring troughs

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High temperature Thermocouple Protection Tubes up to 1,650 ° C in open air.

We have developed a new range of high temperature thermocouple protection tubes sheaths with an outstanding performance for temperature control in (non)-ferous foundries and smelters and are extremely cost effective compared to other materials, such as cast iron, silicon carbide and alumina. This new quality offers a clear price advantage against HEXOLOY SE material with equal or superior performance.

We have three standard diameters high temperature thermocouple protection tubes in stock in lengths varying from 150 mm up to 2,000 mm. Tooling cost may apply. Stock items have a standard groove. Maximum temperature in a controlled atmosphere is up to 1,850 degrees Celsius. Maximum application temperature in open air up to 1,650 degrees Celsius.

Sialons are alloys of silicon nitride and possess a unique combination of physical properties, such as high strength, toughness, excellent thermal shock resistance and resistance to corrosion. Some examples are usage in a highly corrosive environment in the electrolysis or potroom at 900 degrees Celsius. Our high temperature thermocouple tubes are also used in brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and even silicon metal.

Gas-tight stainless steel adapters are specially suitable for the thermocouple protection tubes sheaths. Test our new valve adapter for low-pressure die casting machines.

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Material data sheetSialon (Si3Al3O3N5)
Typical Sialon gradesNVD-001NVD-002NVD-003NVD-004
Bulk Densityg/cm33.
Water Absorption0000
Flexural StrengthMPa5809001,020790
Vickers Hardness HV1GPa13.912.715.013.8
Fracture Toughness (SEPB)MPam1/24 ~ 56 ~ 776 ~ 7
Young’s Modulus of ElasticityGPa290270300290
Poisson’s Ratio0.
Coefficient of Linear Thermal (40 – 800 °C)


Thermal Conductivity (20℃)W/(m・k)25232754
Specific HeatJ/(g・k)0.640.660.650.66
Heat Shock Resistance550800800900
Volume Resistivity (20℃)Ω・cm>1014>1014>1014>1014

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