Hydro Content Analyser for Aluminium Melts

Optimized for Ultrasonic Degassing and Grain Refinement

  • 3-LED, 7-Segment Display for Readout in cc/100gm and ppm (Selectable by Menu options using keypad).
  • Display in cc/100gm or ppm (Selectable by Menu options using keypad).
  • PS-2 Keyboard Interface.
  • 6-button scratch free keyboard to select database fields including Printing.
  • LCD (16 X 2) interface for showing Company Name, Operator Name, Shift No., Sample name, Date, Time, Furnace no., etc.
  • Thermal Printer (55mm paper size) interface for printouts for various parameters e.g. Date, Time Company Name, Operator Name, Sample name, Shift No., Furnace no, Sample Temperature, sample weight, Weight corrected Result in cc/ 100gm or ppm, Count of Number of operations.USB Interface using pen drive (up to 8GB) for downloading Sample data in text format.
  • Fast and Accurate Analysis using sample weight correction.
  • Rugged & Reliable Instrument.
  • Electro - Pneumatic operation of machine for vacuum path using 10 kg or more Nitrogen GAS cylinder.
  • Semi-automatic weight measurement and correction with respect to 100gm.
  • Calibration done using certified pipettes with +/-0.01 least count.
  • Features enable and disable facility in Mode selection via keypad.
  • Self-leakage test for periodic maintenance in HTA
  • Works in the harsh environment of foundries up to 60° C.
  • Emergency STOP Button.

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