Sialon heater tubes and heating elements

For ALPUR® degassing units

Sialon heater tubes or immersion tubes are an alloy of silicon nitride and aluminium oxide.


The combined properties of silicon nitride (high strength, hardness, fracture toughness, and low thermal expansion) and aluminum oxide (corrosion resistance, chemically inert, high temperature capabilities, and oxidation resistance).


Sialon heater tubes, ceramic heater tubes, sialon immersion tubes made of silicon nitride with 500 % more thermal conductivity (85 W/mK) than conventional Silicon Nitride, Si3N4 heater tubes (17 W/mK) combined with the highest impact fracture toughness of 7.7 MPa · m1/2.


With an extensive product line offering from small style sialon sheaths to the largest Sialon heater tubes for ALPUR degassing units, our company has the experience and capability to satisfy your needs.

Features Sialon Heater Tubes

  • Very high thermal conductivity of 85 W/mK.
  • Considerably stronger than Silicon Nitride or syalon.
  • Highest impact fracture toughness of 7.7 MPa · m1/2
  • Excellent non-wetting properties.
  • 12 months warranty against chemical attack.
  •  Standard tolerance of +/- 0,5 mm.

 Typical applications: 

  • ALPUR degassing boxes. 
  • Hertwich, SNIF Pyrotek or Alpur degassing systems.

Sialon heater tubes are available with plain ends, grooved ends for assembly with metal flanges, or with integral collars for the optimum in strength and reliability.


Sialon heater tubes are made of a very homogeneous material that provides uniformity and consistent thermal conductivity, not to be confused with silicon nitride or syalon.

Because of its strength and corrosion resistance.


Our silicon nitride heater tubes have proven effective with both electric and gas fired heaters.


Sialon heater tubes have a very long service life and have a 12 months warranty against chemical attack.