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Cast Iron Thermocouple Tubes – Sialon Ceramics

Cast Iron Thermocouple Tubes

Ceramic coated cast iron thermocouple protection tubes for measuring the temperature in molten aluminium up to 800 degrees Celsius. The ceramic coating gives an additional 300% longer service life than uncoated protection tubes. These tubes are typically used in melting furnace where mechanical impact is an important issue.

20 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Standard quantity is 10 pieces with increments of 10. You can choose any diameter and size. Add-to-quote quantity is always 1. 

    Length x 43 X 23 mm


Ceramic coated or uncoated cast iron thermocouple protection tubes or custom built thermocouple assemblies for use in aluminium furnaces and baths.

Physical properties:

Density: 7.1 g/cm³

Tensile Strength: 207 Mpa

Thermal Conductivity: 40 W/(m*k) @ 500 °C

Maximum Temperature: 800 °C with  ceramic coating

1150 °C without coating

Dimensions:  43 mm (OD) X 23 mm (ID)

Threading: ¾ inch NPT is standard, other threading available upon request.

Enamel Coating: Alumina, Silica and Borax

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