XICAR™ Sintered Silicon Carbide - for use in molten metals up to 1900 °Celsius

XICAR® high temperature sintered silicon carbide products are  highly resistant to chemical corrosion, can be used up to a temperature of 1,900 °C and offers high mechanical hardness. 

Thermocouple protection tubes fabricated from XICAR® high temperature sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) provide outstanding performance when exposed to corrosive and abrasive conditions and high temperatures. 

Our range of XICAR® high temperature sintered silicon carbide crucibles is suitable for many processes such as calcinating and melting various alloys.


XICAR™ Sintered silicon carbide provides a unique combination of physical properties, including high mechanical strength, toughness, excellent thermal shock resistance and resistance to corrosion. As a result, it is ideal for applications involving exposure to high-temperature liquids such as alloy melts and exposure to hot gases, with applications in mineral and chemical processing kilns and furnaces.