We manufacture a comprehensive range of silicon nitride, sialon and zirconia advanced ceramics weld location and control pins (weld or welding pins). These are used to allow precise welding of nuts to sheet metal.


Sialon ceramic weld pins have a high strength, a high thermal shock / chemical / wear resistance, are low density ceramics used in non-ferrous molten metal handling.


With regards to Sialon ceramics, there is substitution of silicon by aluminum with corresponding atomic replacement of nitrogen by oxygen, to satisfy valency requirements. The resulting 'solution' has superior properties to the original pure solvent, syalon, silicon nitride or Si3N4.


Silicon Nitride like ceramics (like ceramic welding pins) have found extensive use in non-ferrous molten metal handling, particularly aluminum and its alloys, including metal feed tubes for aluminum die casting, burner and immersion heater tubes, injector and degassing for nonferrous metals, thermocouple protection tubes, crucibles and ladles.


  • With a strength of over 1100 MPa and a fracture toughness of over 9 MPa.m 1/2 this new generation ofwelding pins offer increased impact resistance and minimal wear.


Typical applications:

  •  These are used to allow precise welding of nuts to sheet metal.


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